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Pentecostal Church of God of Lincoln, Inc.
Newark Location

8270 Patey Woods Rd. Newark, MD 21841
The Pentecostal Church of God in Newark, Maryland is a community-based church dedicated to the Word of God as exemplified by the Lord Jesus Christ and directed by the Spirit of God. Established in 1980 as part of the Pentecostal Church of God of Lincoln, Inc. organization, it is a family friendly church with a loving environment which encourages individual and collective growth in Christ. It is a place for dynamic, enjoyable worship, and effective spiritual development within a unifying environment. All are welcome.


Pastor Willie & Mother Deborah Thomas


During the fall of 1979, and under the leadership of Bishop C. C. Cartwright, a church formerly known as Mt. Nebo Holy Church was leased and renovated. In March 1980, the church became the Pentecostal Church of God of Lincoln, Inc. in Newark, Maryland. The initial service was held and Minister Willie Thomas was installed as the pastor.  He and his wife, Deborah, along with the Inspirational Young Adult Choir, conducted outreach in the Newark and Berlin areas. Within a few weeks after meeting the pastor and his wife, two of the young people in the neighborhood, Cordia Foreman (Manuel) and Alexander Hammond, invited dozens of other young people from the Newark area to the church.

In addition, Minister Malissa Dukes conducted outreach in the Berlin area and invited Brother John Foster to attend. Weekly yard services were also held at Mr. Foreman Lockwood’s home in Newark, on Flower Street in Berlin, and in the church yard. While the ministry was focused in the local area, the Lord was moving on the hearts of the Holden family, who were relatives of Sister Kim Robinson, a Lincoln church congregate, and who lived on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. As a result of these efforts, the Lord blessed the church with faithful, long-standing membership.

In 2005, the church undertook a renovation project. The sanctuary was expanded, and a new vestibule was added. The church, located at 8270 Patey Woods Road, still stands as a steadfast part of the Newark community and those who attend or visit enjoy a welcoming place to worship.


To be loved. To feel like family. To worship. To be taught the Word of God.


Sunday School: 10:00am
Morning Worship: 11:45am
Bible Study (Wednesdays): 7:30pm
Note: Please refer to the calendar for special events